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The Halal certification process, is usually really simple, consisting of 5 steps.


Step 1 - Initial contact and filling of technical information forms

Submitting the application form along with the required documents to the email info@halal.pt


Step 2 - Review

Evaluation of all documents by the technical office of the IHP and classification of company/product as certifiable.

NAt this time, the commercial department of IHP may prepare a proposal for accreditation if the company intends to pursue certification.


Step 3 - Verification of the production process

Should the proposal be accepted by the company, the technical team from IHP sets off to the place of manufacture to verify that all procedures are consistent with those that were previously analyzed by the technical office and, if necessary, recommend some improvements.

At this time the IHP may recommend some improvements and/or disposal of any contamination of non-Halal products, or it may consider whether the company can be certified.


Step 4 - Confirmation Customer

Acceptance of all Halal criteria recommended by the IHP as well as all changes to processes and ingredients which may have been advised.


Step 5 - Certification

If the above aspects are in compliance, IHP issues the certificate, along with the contract and invoice concluding the process of Halal certification which is valid for one year.


Batch certificate

In cases concerning meat certification, a batch certificate may be required.


Certification Form

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