The Problems in the Industry 

The Problems in the Industry

There are many problems in the food industry that can affect the  authenticity in the various Halal products.

In order to identify the problems, the food industry has been divided in 5 channels of distribution.

1 - Slaughterhouses 

2 - Industrialization

3 - Butchers 

4 - Restaurants and all the Eureka channel 

5 - Other widespread Halal products in the Slaughterhouse

According to Islamic guidelines it is not permitted to slaughter an animal without a justified reason (such as food) and without the divine permission to do so through a ritual.

In this Halal ritual it is mandatory that the slaughter is accomplished by a Muslim who is conscious of  this obligation, to recite the Tassmiyah (Bissmillah) for each animal, subsequently cutting the trachea, esophagus and one of the blood supplying vein of the neck quickly and effectively , trying to reduce the animals’ suffering, and preventing the head is separated from the rest of the body at the time of slaughter.