About the Halal Institute of Portugal 

Halal Institute of Portugal

The Halal Institute of Portugal ( HIP ) is an organisation devoted to analysing , monitoring , inspecting and certifying of halal products considered for human consumption. This is done by ensuring that the development of products and their respective production processes follow the conditions required by Islamic law.

HIP has two ways of serving the national population:

1 - Supporting the expansion of national and international companies in the food and cosmetic industries to new markets where the population is largely Muslim (through Halal certification). This consists in verifying and analysing the different products in order to assess and certify that they are lawful for consumption by the Muslim population.

2 - Informing the public about the various products present in the mass of Muslim families in Portugal . Thus, the Halal certification becomes a communicative and advertising asset in Portugal, given that the Portuguese Islamic community is regularly informed about the activities of HIP.

Should you have any concern, we will be more than pleased to clarify you. You can send an email to info@halal.pt

The Mission of the Halal Institute of Portugal ( HIP ) is to provide an information service to the Portuguese population and especially within the Muslim Halal community. We also aim to support all businesses that need a Halal certification for reaching new markets globally . The Philosophy of the Halal Institute of Portugal (HIP) consists of six principles:

1 - Apply Islamic rules unanimously accepted by the different scholars of Islamic jurisprudence. Therefore, HIP only certifies meat which has been slaughtered manually.

2 - Supporting people and communities who seek us with a clear and informative service.

3 – Working as a non-profitable organisation, with minimal fees, to ensure the suitable functioning of the institution.

4 - Keep clear and strict procedures to ensure transparency in the certification process.

5 - Use all scientifically technological means available to ensure maximum rigour throughout the certification process.

Partnerships and


The HIP maintains cooperative relations with national and international level of certification structures and implementing partners of Halal products.





HIP provides companies with a range of other services that may be used in the implementation of a product or brand in the consumer market for Halal.

. Consulting

. Forming

. Commercial support at events

. Design

. Translation