Slaughter of Animals 

The slaughter of animals (Zibh)

Lawful animals for Muslims have to go through a specific process of slaughter (Zibh), for its meat to be considered Halal.

This process encompasses several conditions relating not only to the method of the slaughter, but also to the treatment of the animal after slaughter, as well as to the person who will subdue the animal.


Conditions related to the person who will slay the animal:

. To believe in only One God; 

. To believe that the procedure of Zibh is essential for taking the life of an animal;

. To belive that the procedure of Zibh is essential for his consumption of that animal’s meat. 


Conditions related to the act of slaughter:

. One should try to keep the animal calm; 

. The animal cannot be weakened; 

. Manual slaughter of the animal is mandatory;

. When slaughtering each animal, it is necessary to pronounce the words : "Bissmillah Allahu Akbar" (In the name of Allah, Allah is the Greatest);

. Cut at least two of the three channels (trachea, and the two cerebral blood supplier veins); 

. The knife must be extremely sharp, so that the animal is slaughtered by cutting without pressing excessively; 

. the animal should be left to bleed after slaughter, no special procedure is required for total removal of the blood.




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