Horse DNA found in halal burgers for Lancashire schools

Horse DNA found in halal burgers for Lancashire schools

Frozen beef products have been withdrawn from schools in Lancashire after horse DNA was found in halal beef burgers.

Earlier in February, Food Standards Agency tests found horsemeat in cottage pies delivered to the county’s schools.

Following that, the county council carried out tests and found horse DNA in halal burgers sent to four schools.

Lancashire Council of Mosques said it was “disgusted” and it was considering calling a boycott of all school meals.

Hanif Dudhwala, of the Lancashire Council of Mosques, said: “We have no confidence whatsoever left in Lancashire County Council.

“We are absolutely shocked and disgusted by the revelations that have come out today.”

Lancashire County Council leader Geoff Driver said the council had “no choice” but to withdraw all beef products.

The council carried out tests on all the frozen processed beef products it provides to schools following the discovery of horse DNA in the cottage pies.

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